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International commercial and corporate law in Zurich

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Areas of work

Our preferred fields of law are, in particular, international commercial and corporate law, including international corporate structures and national and international company foundations, contract law, national and international corporate tax law, arbitration, succession planning, trusts and foundations, labour market law and residence permits and international legal assistance.

We traditionally represent domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and enterprises and are able to draw upon a well-developed global network of foreign correspondence lawyers and tax consultants. We work closely with local and non-domestic financial institutions and we as act as an coordinator between clients and financial institutions.

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Commercial lawyers with experience

 Dr. Philippe Meyer, M.C.J.

 Jonas Vischer, LL.M.

  • Contract law

  • National and international corporate tax law

  • Construction and property law

  • Arbitration

  • Estate and inheritance planning

  • Succession planning

  • Trusts and foundations

  • Labour market law and residence permits

  • International legal assistance

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